The best way to parenthood can only be told by some.

Why it is important to read to your baby even if he does not speak yet.

Babies grow faster with the help of books and digital tools that allow parents to read bedtime stories, scan faces and play sounds. Reading stories to a child can have positive effects on their development, not only in developing language skills but also in improving learning and intelligence.

If a parent takes just 15 minutes each day to listen to their baby’s heartbeat or face what children will look like a more engaged interactive dialogue.

Participate in your education from your first learning books.

Start with these books, awakening your memory and forming learning:

1.-Amazing Animals 10-Button Sound Book – PI Kids (Play-A-Sound) by Baby Einstein.

The book allows you to connect with your child, teaching the sounds of animals, it is a didactic book with children’s sounds, repeat the sounds and the name of the animal to remember and connect with each one.

Ages 9-12, Ages 4-8, Ages 2-3, under 2 Years.

2.-Let’s Go to Sleep by Bit I Learn More and I Grow Big.

This book is special for the minutes before going to sleep, it talks about a little koala that has no sleeping habits. Relate the story by coupling it to real personal life so that your child connects their moments and learns from what they read.

Designed for children from 0 to 3 years old.

3.- Let’s Say Our Colors by Simple First Words.

Read this book with your baby and start learning colors by pressing the color buttons by matching the images, children will learn easily with bright photos to encourage their skills.

For children from 1 to 2 years.

Scientific research shows that there is a relationship between reading to a young child and the chances of developing a good vocabulary. Surprisingly, children exposed to more books, for example during their commute time, show higher language skills as adults.

We must be careful with the books that will be read:
Violent or inappropriate content should not be used, but it is important that they are exposed to relevant topics. The most important goal of “ooh and aahh” responses is not just to foster a pleasant atmosphere in the home; it is crucial in the process of training your intelligence system.

They train children’s skills gradually without realizing it. There are several digital resources that can help your babies with this process by telling them stories they find when spotting the light bar or by posting and emailing them interesting materials if you plan to leave your baby alone or have other chores to attend to (babysitting) . You also have the possibility that your behavior will progress for days depending on your sleeping and eating habits.

Tell us what your children’s favorite books are.