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Dinosaur body suit: How to encourage curiosity in dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are a popular theme for children. They are both creative and clever, which makes them perfect for encouraging your child’s learning and vocabulary development.

Children can be passionate about dinosaurs, which will help them learn more about the subject and they will enjoy talking to you about it. You can use dinosaurs to teach your kids about all sorts of subjects, like geology, anatomy, or even paleontology.

You may wonder… At what age to start? Your child can begin to distinguish when they develop an understanding of sounds and presented with toys, in books, as well as your own representation of the animal. Later you can include new books, videos and costumes.

Psychology indicates that children can develop intense interests, it is when they have interests that remain longer, it is important to identify them to give a guide and be an enriching experience.

3 characteristics of children with intense interests:

Curiosity at any time.
They can be sitting at the table, walking to the park, the important thing is that you are there to solve or find the answer.

High concentration.
Your curiosity will give great results and with greater interests if the family participates, look for moments of conversation, you will represent the guiding figure of knowledge and admiration.

Performance of your favorite characters.
Children love to play and represent their favorite characters. Your children will feel more comfortable being themselves when they see you being outgoing at play. Encourage these activities, you will see excellent results in communication.

Talk about dinosaurs to your children. They are creative, intelligent and have a wide vocabulary. Encourage them to talk about what they know and be heard.

Go to museums, read books, or watch movies about dinosaurs together. Talk about it, let him tell you everything he knows. It does not matter if it is a temporary interest, you will be helping him feel heard, validated and taken into account.

Dinosaurs represent strength and bravery.

Body suit dinosaurs: Play at being dinosaurs.

In birthday shops you will find a quick and colorful full body costume.
Ideal for attending birthdays or sleeping. Children usually stay overnight with their own clothes. Look for a dinosaur costume made of light material that is easy to wash.

Recyclable dinosaur costume.
You need 2 cardboard boxes, ideally one that fits your child’s body, one for the body and one for the head, plus coloring paints, scissors and tape. This is a great time to talk and create a costume together.

Inflatable suit.
Through Amazon or Ebay online stores you can easily find them, make sure they are certified since they use batteries.