3 Outdoor activities to increase intelligence with your baby.

baby playing on grass

Play is an important part of a child’s development and can be used to foster curiosity, intelligence, language skills and more. The activities in this section will help you foster your child’s development through play.

A study by Dr. Suzuki showed that children who were exposed to creative activities at home, such as playing in the garden. Parents can also teach their children to play and use their imaginations through these activities.

The more time a child spends practicing these activities, the smarter they will become over time. It is important to note that not all activities in this section are appropriate for babies under one year of age.

These are more suitable for children from to three years old:

Plant in the Garden.

Gardening is always a moment of creativity, whether in the garden or on the terrace. Playing with soil develops sensory skills, stimulating their curiosity, here it is important that parents name what the baby touches and repeat it. What you need is a glass or a spoon so you can move the soil from one side to another. Teach commitment and finish homework.

Play like washing toys.

The implements are 1 bucket with water, 1 toothbrush, 1 towel and plastic toys. It is not recommended to add soap or any cleaning product, since the infant regularly drinks droplets of water. It is important that you name the things they will use. Teach him to wash the toys floating in the water with the toothbrush, understanding that it is an activity with a positive result.

Lie down on the grass.

A moment to connect with your child, lying on the grass and looking up at the clouds, inspires creativity and sparks fun with imagination. Teach him to stop and observe his surroundings, to distinguish the weather, the wind, as time passes. It seeks to achieve connection, in order to establish conversations with fluency in the future.

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