What goes into your prices?

Baby Blastoff! clothes are produced right here in New Mexico by a factory that has been listed among “Best Place to Work” by Albuquerque Business First for four years.  Our prices reflect the labor cost associated with manufacturing in the USA.  Unlike other products that can now be made entirely by automated machines, garment production requires significant hands-on labor. The additional cost of a piece of Made in the USA clothing is mostly the cost of the labor to produce that item. In buying Baby Blastoff! products you are supporting not only our indie business, but also meaningful, skilled jobs for people right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Additionally, we source the materials for our line from reputable businesses as close to home as possible. Our prices reflect our use of high quality, durable products.  By supporting Baby Blastoff!, you are supporting many North American businesses, from tag makers to thread suppliers, who are a vibrant part of our economy here at home.

What is difference between Baby Blastoff! Bodysuits and Prints Bodysuits?

Baby Blastoff! Bodysuits are manufactured by us right here in Albuquerque New Mexico using our super soft bamboo/cotton/spandex fabric.  Prints Bodysuits are manufactured in India by Colored Organics from a wonderful soft and thick organic cotton fabric. We include the prints collection for two reasons: 1) we can offer some of our customers’ favorite prints year round  and 2) we can include an organic option in our collection at a reasonable cost.

Are your items organic?

We offer Baby Blastoff! prints on bodysuits that are made from organic cotton and manufactured by Colored Organics.  Baby Blastoff! manufactured garments are made from a high quality bamboo, cotton, spandex fabric but are not organic.

Do you have a size chart?

size chart