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Holiday Gift Inspiration

Posted by babyblastoff on Nov 5, 2017

Dear Friends,

It’s almost time, everyone! Time for turkeys and cranberries, latkes and candles, trees and ornaments, and of course…gifts!

I truly love giving a special gift: that perfect book that leapt out one Saturday afternoon as I was browsing at my local book shop, or the handmade craft that caught my eye at the local makers market, just the thing for my creative, crafty family member. The delight on the face of someone uncovering a thoughtful gift is everything. And a child’s delight at an exciting gift is truly magical. 

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to feel inspired at this time of year. The traffic, the weather, the crowds. Yikes! Inspiration can be scarce. So, to help you get in the spirit and ward off those Grinchy feelings, I put together a collection of ideas that make me smile. Included are some of my favorite makers, books, and projects paired with Baby Blastoff! goodness.  Hope they help you find the perfect heart-felt gifts for the people you love!




Winter is great because: snow. And kids just love snow, don’t they? The magic of waking up on a snowy morning and getting bundled up to go play outside? The best. 

Our snowflake bodysuit paired with this awesome hat and booties by Velocitoddler, combined with a Keats classic, The Snowy Day, would make a killer gift for a baby or toddler in your life.  Parents will also appreciate these practical, comfortable items that help their kids get through the winter in comfort and style.



If your kids, your nieces and nephews, grandkids or friends’ kids are anything like mine, they LOVE catching a glimpse of wildlife, even if it’s just a pigeon, squirrel, or rolly polly.  What better way to fuel their excitement than by bringing the wildlife to them? To that end, this  DIY pinecone bird feeder is just the thing.  This blog post by Heidi at Happiness Is Homemade explains how to do it.  All you’ll need is: a pinecone, peanut butter, bird seed (appropriate for your regional birds), and string to hang it up.  Preschoolers will love getting down and dirty while making their feeders, and then they’ll have a blast watching the birds as they come to feed.  Add a bird shirt to the mix, and you might just have a future ornithologist on your hands.



Have some young siblings on your list? How about a nature theme set for each? Eric Carle books such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You See? are classics that you just know kids will love. Add to that an adorable paci-stuffy by Wubunubs for the baby. Then, here’s my favorite part: this plush wolf, and a wide variety of other at-risk species, are available to “adopt” from the World Wildlife Fund store.  The gift comes with an adoption certificate and picture fact card about the animal. What an awesome opportunity to teach a young child about at-risk animals. Your purchase will help global efforts to protect wild animals as well!

Baby Blastoff! wildlife-themed bodysuits and tees bring it all together.


Those kiddos want to spend time with you! Give them the gift of a memorable outing with their grandparents, aunts and uncles, or family friends.  Tickets to the zoo or local bio-park, a book, and an adorable tee to wear on the outing would be perfect!

Find Two at the Zoo by Danna Smith wherever children’s books are sold, and find our Bear Tee here.



Pregnancy is a time full of excitement, but let’s face it, pregancy is also exhausting. Your pregnant friend could use some pampering. Here are some ideas to help her relax and rest as she gets ready to welcome her new baby.

Start with some lavender soap and lotion by Los Poblanos, a local Albuquerque brand. They smell soooo good! Add some decadant truffles by Chocolate Cartel to the package. Throw in your favorite Baby Blastoff! bodysuit, and top it off with a gift certificate for a pregnancy massage. Your friend will likely never forget this thoughtful pregnancy-friendly package.



Do you have your own gift ideas and suggestions? Ever given Baby Blastoff! gifts to great effect? Head on over to our Facebook page and share! I’d love to hear about it!

Thank you! And have a great start to your holiday season!


Baby Blastoff! is not affilitated with any of the businesses mentioned on this page.

What’s up with the toaster?

Posted by babyblastoff on Oct 9, 2017

Artist Q and A


People often ask about the artwork I create for Baby Blastoff!

Well, my wonderfully curious friends, here are answers to a few of those questions. If you have other thoughts or questions, I’d love to know!

Q: You often make designs of everyday kinds of things. Why is that?


A: Something I love about young children is how they find magic in the everyday world.  On a walk in the woods, they might find a snail shell or a colorful rock. That object can become the most precious treasure. A rainbow, a cookie, a balloon–these inspire a kind of intense excitement and delight that we jaded adults forget to appreciate.

I want to create drawings that reflect that childlike wonder, and remind all of us of our unabashedly curious inner child.


Q: Why do you put dinosaurs on pink and purple?


A: In my mind, all animals, plants, prehistoric creatures, areas of interest, and styles are for everyone. Boys and girls.  I want to celebrate children as they are and encourage them to explore a wide range of interests, whether or not those interests fit into the stereotype box.  To that end, I print dinosaurs on pink and draw toasters with stars on them.  It’s meant to be a surprise and a reminder that boys and girls are complex little people with a wide variety of interests.

I also do a lot of thinking about what kinds of designs are truly gender neutral. Gender neutral and compelling. This is where the salt- and peppershakers come in. The apple core and the banana peel.  These pictures start a story that doesn’t start with gender.



Q: Why don’t your shirts have words on them?

A: I have gone back and forth with this. My designs all have names that make use of puns or word play, so people often say that I should print them on the shirts.  Like “Bunz ‘n Roses” or “Darling, You Look Radishing.”  I have moments when I am tempted, but it just doesn’t seem right. See, instead of telling children who they are or what they should be, I want my clothing to give kids the space to say, “This is who I am.”

I don’t want to put the words in their mouths and certainly not into your mouths, as caregivers. I want my artwork to start an open-ended story that you and your child can tell together.


Q: Which design is your all-time favorite?


A: I love the snail because it’s just so me: whimsical and quirky.


Q: Which designs are your customers’ favorites?


A: My all-time bestseller is the Buddha, but recently the Cutest Cactus has given Buddha a run for his money. The bunny, the radish, and the elephants are all close contenders. Also, recently, the noodles. I love the noodles too!






















Thanks, everyone!

Want to see them? Check out all of my designs here.

Those Big Ol’ Noggins

Posted by babyblastoff on Sep 3, 2017

Tees Made Especially For Toddlers





If you’ve ever dressed a toddler, you’ve likely seen the above situation. At our house, getting totally stuck in a t-shirt is a regular occurance.  I had this problem in mind when designing the tees we launched this fall.

Baby bodysuits solve the Big Head Problem by using the lap-shoulder design, but as babies become toddlers and want to be Big Kids, they need something a little differrent.   I wanted to create an elegant neckline that would still allow extra clearance for those big toddler heads.

The boatneck style sits right on the collar bone for a stylish and comfortable fit. The neckline also enhances kids’ ability to be independent little people, as they naturally want to do everything themselves. All. the. time. Am I right?




Our new t-shirts use the same premium quality bamboo/cotton fabric that is oh-so-soft and comfortable. We want kids to be able to do everything they love in our tees, from climbing, to jumping, to rolling in the grass.  This tee makes a cozy warm layer in the winter under a jacket or sweater but is light enough to be worn into the spring for sun protection. With this versatile and durable fabric, our tees say, “Kid, you can do it!”



I love surpises, so I added a little surprise in each shirt for you and your child to find. It’s a tag with one of ten awesome kid-empowering messages on it. You can share that message with your childen and tell them how much you love them!






With artwork front and back, the tees begin a story about the adventures children can have outside in that crisp autumn air.  Maybe they’ll see a bear (at a distance!) or a bird fluffed up on a branch, find the treasure of a pine cone, or enjoy the gorgeous sight of aspen trees quaking in the breeze. The artwork tells a story of a spirited childhood full of curiosity and wonder that you can share with your child!















Check out our toddler friendly tees today!