Those Big Ol’ Noggins

Tees Made Especially For Toddlers





If you’ve ever dressed a toddler, you’ve likely seen the above situation. At our house, getting totally stuck in a t-shirt is a regular occurance.  I had this problem in mind when designing the tees we launched this fall.

Baby bodysuits solve the Big Head Problem by using the lap-shoulder design, but as babies become toddlers and want to be Big Kids, they need something a little differrent.   I wanted to create an elegant neckline that would still allow extra clearance for those big toddler heads.

The boatneck style sits right on the collar bone for a stylish and comfortable fit. The neckline also enhances kids’ ability to be independent little people, as they naturally want to do everything themselves. All. the. time. Am I right?




Our new t-shirts use the same premium quality bamboo/cotton fabric that is oh-so-soft and comfortable. We want kids to be able to do everything they love in our tees, from climbing, to jumping, to rolling in the grass.  This tee makes a cozy warm layer in the winter under a jacket or sweater but is light enough to be worn into the spring for sun protection. With this versatile and durable fabric, our tees say, “Kid, you can do it!”



I love surpises, so I added a little surprise in each shirt for you and your child to find. It’s a tag with one of ten awesome kid-empowering messages on it. You can share that message with your childen and tell them how much you love them!






With artwork front and back, the tees begin a story about the adventures children can have outside in that crisp autumn air.  Maybe they’ll see a bear (at a distance!) or a bird fluffed up on a branch, find the treasure of a pine cone, or enjoy the gorgeous sight of aspen trees quaking in the breeze. The artwork tells a story of a spirited childhood full of curiosity and wonder that you can share with your child!















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