What’s In a Name?

It took me quite a while in the beginning to settle on a name for my company. I wanted something that would speak to the idea behind the brand without being overly cheesy.

I was at a dead standstill with the whole thing when I went home to visit my family. While there, my dad played one of his famous baby games with my son.  To play this game, you hold a baby on your lap, do the space shuttle countdown “5…4…3… 2…1,” and then yell “Baby blaaaastoff!!!” while either lifting or throwing the baby into the air amidst a shower of squeals and giggles.

I thought about it. I thought, “Hmmmm…I like it.”  This is what we want for our children after all: to blastoff into their lives without external barriers or roadblocks, to become whomever they are going to be and feel good about it. And so Baby Blastoff it became.

My dad is pretty tickled, as you can imagine.