My Story

Greetings! I am Emily, creator of Baby Blastoff! The idea for my line of baby clothing came to me while I was pregnant with my son.

My husband and I were among those people you know who choose not to find out the gender of their baby while in utero, thereby disrupting the shopping needs of their friends and family.

With this issue in mind, my husband and I dutifully signed up for a registry at a big box store. One fine Saturday we headed down there, got the cool cordless registry scanner thingy, and started scanning away.

When we came to the clothing section, we continued happily along. Suddenly, I realized that we had been scanning stuff entirely from the boy’s side of the aisle. I turned to my husband and said, “They are all going to think we know it’s a boy but aren’t telling.” He said, “Let’s hit the girl stuff.” We crossed the aisle, then stopped abruptly.

Before us lay the vast sea of pink: pink shirts, pink dresses with ruffles everywhere, pink pants, pink shoes with itsy bitsy pink ribbons, pink and purple striped hats, and on and on and on. We searched, we looked, we scoured…we could not find one thing that could count as unisex. Not one blessed thing.

This experience got me thinking– wouldn’t it be great to have a wider variety of colorful and┬ájazzy options for parents and gift givers of the “waiting to be surprised” crowd like us? Bright colors and fun designs for baby boys and girls? Throw into the mix something exciting and different like trucks for girls and vacuums for boys. And thus the idea behind Baby Blastoff was born!

lying in grass really small

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