About Baby Blastoff!



A group of giggling children. Some older, some younger, heading out on their adventure. One wearing a tutu and baseball cap, another in sparkle wings and cowboy boots, another in a hand-me-down superhero costume from Halloweens past. As their moms chat on the bench below, they climb the enormous grassy slope up to the mossy jumping rocks. Helping each other, they clamber up onto the biggest, tallest, mossiest rock of them all. Together they prepare for take-off: “5, 4, 3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF!!!” Jumping, rolling, tumbling, laughing in the grass. Then up and ready to go again.


This is the picture of childhood that guides Emily Bennett, owner of Baby Blastoff!®

When you’re an artist everything’s a canvas. Emily Bennett is an artist and designer whose canvas grows. And grows and grows. Her company, Baby Blastoff!® was founded in 2012 to help children see the wonder in the world around them. Baby Blastoff! clothing is full of the possibilities and curiosity of childhood, with images that value the innocent unabashedness found in children.  The company grew out of Emily’s desire for a wider variety of color, theme and style for her son’s wardrobe. She set about creating the line she wanted to see. All of the artwork and designs are the owner’s original creations.

As a result of Emily Bennett’s vision, parents and loved ones can now take a no-limits, free-range approach when they dress their little ones. Why not buck conventional wisdom and clothe a bouncing baby boy in a blue bodysuit with a giant yellow rose prominently displayed on the chest? Or outfit your granddaughter in a delicate pink shirt juxtaposed with a prickly, spikey cactus?

Don’t fence those kids in! Imagine the possibilities and let children and their interests roam free!


Emily Bennett